At which age the newborn photo shoot is recommended to be done

Usually I schedule newborn sessions at 5-10 days after birth. Although I photograph babies at any age, I would highly recommend to parents to make a photo session when the baby is at least under 20 days old. ⠀⠀

– at this age babies stay asleep longer and it’s easier to put them to sleep ⠀

– they are more flexible which makes it possible to curl them into “womb-like” positions. We use only safe and natural poses for babies ⠀

– no colics yet at this age ⠀

– babies accept staying without clothes easier (while they are warm) ⠀⠀

Of course it’s possible to take beautiful professional photos at any baby’s age. And if your baby is more than 20 days old that is also fine. In this case you’ll get most likely “not sleepy” photos which are of course also beautiful and allow you to enjoy baby’s eyes open. Babies are more awake and personable. ⠀⠀

But if you prefer to get classic new born photoshoot then it’s highly recommended to book it during pregnancy, so you’ll definitely get the right time slot. I typically schedule session 1 week after a due date. But you shoukd not stress about “the scedule”. Only baby knows when it’s time to come. So I do leave a room in my schedule to adjust the photosesion time once the baby arrives. Just let me know when the baby is born and we can reschedule date if needed. 

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