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Welcome to Valeriia Ast Photography

Thank you for choosing me as the first photographer for your newborn and warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby. I can’t wait to to create those meaningful photo albums for you that would become a precious and proud of the family!

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Where is session located? I prefer to photograph newborns at your home with natural light only. I love to combine classic newborn photos posing on beanbag and in props (baskets, buckets, etc.) with lifestyle photos with parents. All photos from photo gallery on my website are made at clients’ homes. From most of the the photos you would never guess whether they were taken at home or photo studio. I’ll provide you with everything needed for the session (backdrops, props, baby’s outfits). You’ll be able to rest and the most important – even to lay and relax. It is much easier to stay at home while photographer takes care of everything for the photo shoot. Read more about benefits of newborn photo session at home.

At your home I will need to find a spot where I can comfortably put my beanbag stand. As little as 1 m2 is needed for that. We can take a look around together when I arrive and choose the one that works best. We might need to move furniture or other items around to make some room (but not necessarily). After that I will need some time (+-15 mins) to prepare shooting area which you can use for nursing your baby.

One of the most important things to remember is to turn the heating up to about 27C degrees (if possible) if you want to have photos with naked baby. Even though we adults might feel hot and uncomfortable, babies LOVE it! It’s a great way to put them to sleep.

How long does newborn photo session take? It depends on a baby and your wishes. Generally around 2 hours is enough, but can be 1 to 3 hours. Sometimes if baby is fuzzy, getting one pose takes up to 20 minutes or more. It is normal 🙂 We can rock, feed and soothe baby as long as needed. That’s why I include extra time in my newborn sessions.

When is the perfect time for newborn photo session

I usually photograph newborn babies when they are from 5 to 14 days old. Although I photograph babies at any age, I would highly recommend to parents to make a photo session when the baby is at least under 20 days old. At this age babies stay asleep longer and they are more flexible which makes it possible to curl them into “womb-like” positions (more info here).

Of course it’s possible to take beautiful professional photos at any baby’s age. And if your baby is more than 20 days old that is also fine. In this case you’ll get most likely “not sleepy” photos which are of course also beautiful and allow you to enjoy baby’s eyes open.

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But if you prefer to get classic new born photoshoot then it’s highly recommended to book it during pregnancy, so you’ll definitely get the right time slot. I will schedule session according to your due date and also leave 2-3 time slots +-2 weeks around due date. This way you can wait for baby to arrive with calm and I will make sure you’ll get newborn photo session within 2 weeks timeframe after baby’s birth. Just let me know when the baby is born and we can reschedule date if needed. 

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How to prepare your newborn baby for photo session 

– if you wish to have naked baby photos, keep her loosely in a diaper swaddled in a blanket before my arrival.

– pacifier (even if baby doesn’t take one it might be useful just for a couple of minutes during session.

– some portion of formula milk might be useful if normally breastfeeding takes around 30-40 minutes 

Recommendations for parents

– pick up simple clothes without logos, pictures, laces. Light natural colours: off-white, beige, brown, black.
Prepare (iron if necessary) clothes
the day before session.

– make sure yours and your partner’s nails look good and manicured and hair is fresh.

– preferably no jeweleries 

– if you are nursing please don’t eat any spicy/irritating food/chocolate/beans on the day of photo session and the day before.

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For home

– I will need about 1 m2 of space next to the window (preferably no balcony, no trees and no direct sun). We might need to move some furniture to create it. No worries, it’s normal.

– if possible warm up a room to 26-28 °C. It might feel a but not for adults, but your newborn will feel very calm and relaxed and will sleep very good during session.

– no need to clean, organise, stress about how your home look like at the moment 😊😅 I’m a mother too and I know how tired you are after labour with your newborn. I will make sure that there will be no mess on the photos.

And the most important – stay calm. Relax and enjoy 🙂

Baby can tell when mummy is nervous.
We will have plenty of time. Babies cry and fuzz, it’s normal. We will rock, feed and soothe baby whenever needed and I will make sure you’ll get great photos 

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