How I became a photographer

Every photosession I am asked how I became a photographer. My path to family photography was pretty long.

I was born in Ukraine, have PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, worked for more than 5 years at University, then also for American IT-company. How did I end up becoming a family and newborn photographer?

Despite my passion to photography from the very youth, I didn’t have time to develop it into something bigger than just a hobby.

I was satisfied with my job and I had many friends in Ukraine until my Finnish boyfriend – my true love – swept me off my feet and proposed me.
This is how I found myself in Helsinki married with Finnish man. I immediately fell pregnant and being on maternity leave I finally got a chance to start doing what I really loved – taking photographs. My newborn daughter became my first model and since then I felt like a new start line had been drawn. I could now develop my artistic nature. 

My new friends in Finland loved my photos and asked me to take photos of their newborn babies and families too. It touched me so much and I was very proud to create phogalleries for them. 

It gave me a great satisfaction seeing their happy faces and I understood that was exactly what I wanted to do. 

And I went to workshop of the most famous Ukrainian newborn photographer to learn the special techniques and safety rules for working with newborns. After that I consider my professional photographer career has started.

I love to capture happy families in the most beautiful way I can. 

I love to create those meaningful photo albums for you that would become a precious and proud of the family. 

I love to make you happy.

I want to help you remember the best moments of your life. 

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