In modern world of digitalization is it so important to print photos?

Most of us do not even remember when they printed photos the last time. Maximum we print is Christmas post cards with picture of a baby. We store gigabytes of photos on our computers, mobile phones, cloud, but usually they are even not sorted. We barely check them ever.

Let’s think a way ahead and in perspective.Let’s imagine ourselves in 20-30 years. Will we REALLY be able to find the photos of a newborn baby among all the data? After so many years photos can easily be lost: devices get broken, photograps get occasionally deleted or overwritten in the cloud, etc. And we will be left only with our own memories and will not be able to share them.

What is the solution?

One of the options is to create a coffee table photo book which the family can be proud of and becomes more and more valuable with time.

You can order an exclusive coffee table photo book which would make a WOW effect on your friends and relatives. Individual design, great variety of animal-friendly leather cover (colours and texture), beautiful box for its storage – all these can be customized for you. 

It has a flat binding which allows to fully display images without hiding any part of a photograph.

All the materials are made in Italy.

This coffee table photo book will not only be a storage for your photos, but a decoration for your room complimenting its design. You will love to open it again and again and show to your friends and relatives. The quality of materials allows the book to look the same great after years and years of use.

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